Best Recruitment Management Feature Software In Pakistan

“Hire the best employee for your organization each time”.
It’s never been easy to organize a survey and contract the best person for your company with sets of desires in light of exhibited occupation investigation procedures, to give part clarity and reflect your company culture and brand.
So Connect HRMS gives you an inventive solution to make the enlistment process simple, productive and efficient.
HR recruitment module offers an interactive way to post available vacancies of your company over the cloud. Firstly Hiring a manager to define the available vacancy including vacancy title, department name, available designation, and a total number of position available for that specified post. Along with this company also define all set of skills that applicant must meet to fulfill job requirements. When the job is published users can put their Resumes. HR refines all incoming application and shortlists the best of them. Then HR finally schedules interviews to put the analysis of applicants. If he finds that the employee meets the set of expectations required for that vacancy then the applicant is successfully hired.

Recruitment Management