keeps every employee aligned WithTask Management Software

Create jobs and assign them to employees, and then get notifications when they are done.

Helps improve productivity by using tools to monitor employee performance, work status, and diagnostic problems. You’ll also be able to measure and monitor performance with gauges. In addition, he is quite a business manager!

Task Management

Our Features

General Tasks
Create, assign and manage detailed rich text based tasks. Choose to assign tasks to one or more people and keep everything organised with categories.
Checklist Tasks
Break down large tasks into their individual steps. With checklist tasks you or your team can tick off individual items as you go.
Recurring Tasks
Create recurring tasks on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annual basis to help keep track of and manage recurring tasks across your team.
Private Tasks
Restrict who can view a task with our "Private Task" feature. Only the task creator and people assigned to the task will have visibility of it on their dashboard.
Task Categories
Keep tasks organized with the ability to assign tasks to a category or sub-category. You can then easily filter tasks by the categorizes you create.
Add Attachments
Attach documents to tasks and comments, with the ability to upload files from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and Box.

Flexibility To ViewManage Tasks

Task Tile Dashboard
Task manager allow for a visual approach to task management. Easily get a "global overview" of tasks assigned to you and your team, with the ability to drill down and filter by category or progress.
UI Boards
Prefer UI Boards? With just one click you can switch to a UI Board view. UI Boards let you prioritize tasks the way you want and seemlessly move tasks from one board to another.
List View Dashboard
You can also opt to view your tasks as a list. The list view in Task Pigeon provides a streamlined way of viewing tasks assigned to you or members of your team.
Task Management