Best Employee Shift Scheduling Software

For many organizations, managing staff and schedules can be a real challenge. Ineffective business processes and mismanagement affect employee productivity and resource efficiency. In such a case, the use of staff planning software becomes a necessity. You can use Connect online human resource management software to automate the process of creating and managing schedules. Connect...

Features and Benefits of Connect Employee Self-Service (ESS) HR in Pakistan

Employee self-service (ESS) is a widely used technology in companies that helps employees perform many work-related tasks, such as applying for compensation, updating personal information and accessing corporate benefits information – which has been heavily documented, or otherwise managed by management staff. Employee assistance is usually available through the employer’s Internet or portal. It can...

Best Convenient Recruitment Software that Helps You in Hiring new Staff

Most hiring programs offer a variety of automated services Job Posting Candidate Acquisition Tracking of Applicants Mergers of Foreign Companies Staff Hiring Trainee Management The best Recruitment software like Connect Recruitment Software, however, has analytical and reporting capabilities to further simplify your hiring process. What is Recruiting Software? Hiring the right people is one of...

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