How Does the Biometric System Work for the Attendance and time Management of Employees

To collect daily attendance of employees, there are several methods available and in practices today. These methods are highly secured and accurate, simple and fast for collecting their attendance data through top best time and attendance management system tool like one in Connect Cloud HRMS. Through attendance machine and with existing data base pre stored...

Online Document Management System

Businesses are experiencing a change in the workplace from keeping the business practices only in the office space to moving business operations home and now the trending Hybrid model with a small team working remotely. The digital workplace changes the way employees interact, the way they communicate with their customers, and ultimately changes the way...

What Is a (DMS) Document Management Systems

Document management (DMS) allows you to create, store, manage, file, protect, share, search and export by requested digital documents. Our document management system stores all digital documents in the cloud and provides a solution that facilitates the flow of important information to the organization. A good document management solution like Connect HRMS Document management system...

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