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February 7, 20220

Businesses are experiencing a change in the workplace from keeping the business practices only in the office space to moving business operations home and now the trending Hybrid model with a small team working remotely. The digital workplace changes the way employees interact, the way they communicate with their customers, and ultimately changes the way they do business.

Achieving a workplace transformation in any company is a daunting task that requires a strong strategy and strong staff cooperation. However, a company that can create a digital workplace will see important business results with far-reaching implications, increase flexibility and improve job experience.

Features of Connect Online DMS to use it for Digitizing your business:

  • Cloud Storage
  • Access Control Management
  • Workspace Collaboration
  • Support Documents and Its Types
  • Sharing Documents on the go
  • Digital signature
  • Team management and Collaboration Tools
Cloud Storage

Being able to access the document wherever you are and not confined to your office network is important when using a digital workplace model that assumes that employees work from home and office. The cloud server supports this with the use of a remote host server that is often provided as part of your Document and Internet management system.

Access Control Management

When conventional storage is used where all employees gain the ability to store and access documents, it is difficult to maintain the confidentiality of documents, however the Document management system does this very effectively by limiting users to access only the required folders and the access can be granted and revoked at any time.

Workspace Collaboration

One of the most needed tools when working remotely is the ability to document documents, especially when multiple users have to work together to compile a specific report or suggestion, a collaborative document editor is essential. This tool enables multiple users to view and edit a document simultaneously.

Support Documents and Its Types

When choosing a Document Management System like #1 Online Document management System in Pakistan make sure you make a checklist of the various types of documents your organization regularly uses and check with your DMS provider whether their software can manage that format or not and what functions will work and will not work in these formats.

Sharing Documents on the go

Your customers can really enjoy this facility, the ability to send and receive documents through a secure site gives you the freedom and speed of the internet as well as the security of encrypted document transfer tools.

Digital signature

Digital Signature Tools lets you save a signature image to the system and this signature can be used in Docs. Alternatively, the digital signature tool can also provide a signature certificate supported by pdf viewer applications. The signing tool can be used by your clients to sign documents and view and authorize documents where necessary.

Team management and Collaboration Tools

This management system will allow you to assign employees automatically or automatically and the team manager will need a tool to monitor and manage tasks assigned to their team members. In addition, these tasks can be delegated to team partners in the event that they need to work together to get the job done.

Switching to a digital workplace is a challenging task but it brings many benefits and efficiency to the business process. Connect online Document management and training software integrates various other Connect Cloud HRMS software tools to facilitate operation and delivery. To know more what benefits Connect HRMS can bring to your old fashioned business process

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