How Does the Biometric System Work for the Attendance and time Management of Employees

February 14, 20220

To collect daily attendance of employees, there are several methods available and in practices today. These methods are highly secured and accurate, simple and fast for collecting their attendance data through top best time and attendance management system tool like one in Connect Cloud HRMS. Through attendance machine and with existing data base pre stored in Pakistan’s #1 time and attendance management system “Connect Online HR Software” they just need to match their face, iris or fingerprints with stored database to mark attendance. HR team calculate error free payroll of the employees based on data that is collected through Connect Cloud HRMS time and attendance system software.

what is a biometric verification?

The different physical characters for identifying and verifying individuals between groups through digital scanning of fingerprints are known as the biometric authentication system. Biometric systems are widely used to provide security for many different organizations in order to avoid fake and unnecessary activities.

Apart from the fact that there are many types of biometric verification identifiers, fingerprints are considered the oldest among them. Some include; Iris scanning, face recognition, hand geometry, DNA, sound waves, retina patterns, etc.

How biometric verification does work?

Let your employees simply record their working hours with Connect web-based time and attendance system, providing you with the idea of ​​fingerprints, scanning your iris and face recognition programs. Employees should now place their finger on the fingerprint scanner to comply with the previously defined employee database.

If so, complete the verification process. Failed to match, showing, ‘Fingerprints do not match, please try again’.

Why Connect Online HRMS is #1 Recommended tool for time and attendance management in Pakistan:

Connect Cloud HRMS comes with many integrated HR tools, these tools are handy and empower HR teams to handle employee’s data from hiring to retiring, tax compliance, company rules compliance, leave management, error free payroll calculations at the end of the month and much more. Time and attendance management HR tool comes as a bundle with number of marking attendance solutions. #1 time and attendance management system in Pakistan is also web based and the app is also available on Google Play store as well.

#1 top Features of Connect Online HRMS Time and Attendance Management system

  • Accurate tracking with a user-friendly interface.
  • Integrated solutions for all HR Modules, need of business.
  • Customized data rich reports
  • Visual demographic data representation
  • Detailed analytics based on dynamic data.

Why Connect Cloud HRMS?

#1 Time and Attendance management system in Pakistan?

Below are the parameters that make Connect Cloud HR time and attendance system the best biometric attendance management systems in Pakistan

  • Cloud based, accessible from anywhere, any device
  • Relatively cost less than other competitors
  • simple and easy to use
  • error less environment, so your HR team can focus on work
  • Time-saver Solution for Your HR Team
  • Generate error free payroll automatically

Get Connect Cloud HRMS Time and Attendance system today to give your employees the best attendance logging experience!

Key Features of Connect Online HR Software in Pakistan

  • Securely store and organize all employee data.
  • Create workflow inside and outside the department.
  • Carry out performance reviews and task tracking.
  • Record working hours in line with employment law.
  • Manage payroll adjustment.
  • Design onboard processes.
  • Implement designed onboard process.
  • Create recruitment process.
  • Implement recruitment workflow.
  • Customized reports.

Integrated with other HR modules.

Let the employees serve their own basic queries while your HR focuses on managing and building up your staff to take your company on a whole new level.

Benefits of implementing Connect Cloud HR software in Pakistan

  • Increases the HR team’s efficiency
  • Enhances the employee experience
  • Helps in optimizing the resources and that save money
  • Better Insights so you can take better decisions
  • Enables compliance with regulations
  • Foolproof 360 data security

Connect Cloud HR in Pakistan has an array of HR specific tools including

  • Online Human Resource Management System
  • Attendance Management
  • keep records of each employee’s working hours
  • identify employees who are doing more overtime
  • Leave Management
  • Absence requests from any device
  • In-app absence authorization
  • Shifts Management
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Cloud Payroll Management Software in Pakistan
  • Payroll and Taxation
  • stages of the payroll process
  • payroll adjustment software
  • Allowances and Deductions
  • Expense Management
  • Recruitment Management
  • Digital Document Management
  • Full and Final Settlement
  • Talent Management
  • balance team performance and foster skills development
  • Sourcing candidates through job portals
  • E-Learning & E-Assessment
  • foster employee growth and development
  • Performance Appraisal
  • 180º, 270º and 360º performance reviews
  • balance team performance and foster skills development
  • Task Management
  • Help Desk
  • Audit and Compliance
  • Visitor Management System
  • Company Announcements
  • Asset Management
  • ERP Integrated
  • Notifications & Alerts
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • make decisions based on real and updated information
  • Hostel Management System
  • Pay Packages
  • Cloud Security

and streamline HR management processes.



  • Achieve Organization Goals:
  • Follow the hiring process
  • keep the details updated
  • Manage employee data
  • Maintain employee
  • Manage employee records
  • Employees can access their information online
  • Use payroll functionality to automate the payroll
  • Improve the productivity and efficiency

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