Features and Benefits of Connect Employee Self-Service (ESS) HR in Pakistan

March 18, 20220

Employee self-service (ESS) is a widely used technology in companies that helps employees perform many work-related tasks, such as applying for compensation, updating personal information and accessing corporate benefits information – which has been heavily documented, or otherwise managed by management staff.

Employee assistance is usually available through the employer’s Internet or portal. It can also be part of Human Capital management (HCM), Enterprise Resource planning (ERP) or Human management software. ESS (Employee self-service), once marketed as a standalone product, is now widely integrated into a wide range of HR technology systems.

Features of Connect Employee Self-Service Software

Leave Records Attendance Change Request Expense and Claims Attendance Records
Informative Dashboard Employee Information Management To-do List Loan Applications
1:Leave Records

Keep track of all available, used and authorized leaves. This will help you to organize your leaves in the right way this will save ongoing rounds in the HR office so you can use the leaves as they can be done on the help tab.

2: Application to Change Attendees

This feature allows you to send and modify a request to your manager to change the presence times in the event of a collision.

3: Expense and Claims

All business expenses can be claimed under my own expense and then a request will be sent to the manager to ensure that all this is done with a single click.

4: Attendance Records

In fact, the most important feature of the HRMS connection is that it allows the user to view his or her presence records with an interactive screen that has all the important charts showing your performance.

5: Informative Dashboard

Self-service dashboard is an easy-to-use interface, which the user can access anywhere from any device.

6: Employee Information Management

Employees can update and maintain their information using our staff self-help site and which extends time.

7: To-do List

During tasks you can easily log out and the Todo list tracks all the work to be done. This way you do not have to memorize what you should do each day.

8: Loan Request

From the services they can apply for a loan and can also view a previous loan history.

Connect HRMS self-service software ease up payroll capabilities, such as online access to pay stubs, the ability to change tax withholding and deduction amounts, and logging work time and hours.

Benefits of Connect HRMS Employee Self-Service

Connect ESS can save HR team’s time, while giving employees more control over managing their benefits and payment settings. They can also help to make employees feel more connected to their organizations and, possibly, happier in their work places, and more productive.

Challenges of employee self-service

Integrating multiple employee self-help channels – such as intranet, website portal, health system applications and retirement accounts – can be technically difficult due to the various data formats and login processes. Also, educating employees about ESS skills and encouraging employees to use them can be a long process.

Additionally, upgrades from legacy to new systems can involve difficult decisions about vendors, including whether systems from different vendors are compatible or whether instead of an independent ESS with a special module from HCM, ERP or vendor software benefits. 

Why Employee Self-Service Software?

In an increasingly competitive employee talent market, ESS helps to create a positive work ethic and retain talent by giving employees direct control over their employment knowledge. Connect ESS programs for employees are further developed to be mobile on social media platforms such as social media, and are often part of larger staff interaction strategies, which can include wellness programs, recognition, learning management programs and activities across the community.

In today’s challenging business environment, employers are constantly looking for ways to save money, develop expertise, and improve productivity.

“If you fulfill the wishes of your employees, employees will fulfill your vision”

Employees are an asset of the organization. They are your high place. You have to attract and hold the best; provide support, mobilization, and make them feel an integral part of the organization’s core mission.

Connect HRMS provides an Employee Assistance (ESS) module which is a web-based tool where employees can see their pay, benefits and leave data. At ESS, employees can also edit or modify personal data such as direct deposits and accommodation. Employee Self Service (ESS) provides a unique, secure hotspot for people to access their personal data.

The ESS also allows authorized functions such as applying for leave, checking the timetable, being aware of available loan schemes, requesting overtime payments, reviewing compensation history, and submitting payment slips. With the growth of ESS, employees are able to interact with their Human Resource office without the physical appearance that is considered inappropriate in some respects. ESS can be processed on the employer intranet or through a web service.

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