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December 27, 20210

What is employee self-service? 

Employee Self Service is defined as a software tool that allows employees to perform basic HR tasks on their own, without having to rely on HR. The self-help forum allows employees to have more control over the applications they have to submit, as they no longer have to go to HR for even the smallest jobs. A leave application is a good example as an employee is no longer required to submit a paper application, complete and run to be signed by designated people or HR. All that is needed is a few clicks to maximize the break required in the work of a self-help worker! However, there is so much that employees can do with the self-help forum. It all depends on the HR team’s intelligence and organizational policies. 

Today, we will look at a few benefits of the Connect online HRMS Employee Self Service. Check out the below facts that will help you discover why your business can benefit from Employee Self Service over time. 

Top Benefits of Employee Self Service 

Let us have a look at some of the top benefits of Connect Cloud HRMS Employee Self Service. 

  • Reduce the function of the HR department 
  • It facilitates business flow within the business 
  • It promotes staff empowerment 
  • Improves staff morale 
  • Performs simple HR tasks to reduce TAT 
  • It increases clarity and clarity 
  • Reduce costs as it helps a paperless work environment 
  • Allows HR to focus on the most important tasks 

Some Examples of Employee Self Service 

So, we have looked at the benefits of Employee Self Service, but what are the processes that come under employee self-service? Some of the most common ones are given below. 

  • Reports regarding Attendance and Leaves 
  • Leave Application 
  • Self Updation of personal details 
  • Request for vouchers 
  • Information about Payroll 
  • Benefits Information about Benefits 
  • Request for Identity Cards 
  • Business Cards Request 
  • HR managers Help Desk  

However, the list doesn’t end there. Depending on what the HR wants, there are a lot many tasks that can be brought under Employee Self Service. 

Interesting Statistics on Employee Self Service 

Below we shall have a look at some of the statistics on Employee Self Service. 

  • 50% of businesses use the Employee Self Service Portal 
  • The Employee Self Service site delivers 65% better customer focus. 
  • 45% of organizations say they are more likely to focus on Employee Self Service once things have become normal after the epidemic. 
  • 65% of the Department of Labor’s time is spent analyzing staff information and answering staff queries. 
  • Employee Self Service leads to a 44% increase in employee productivity 
Implementation of Employee Self Service Connect Online HRMS Portal 

Implementing an effective Employee Self Service program for your employees is easy. All you need is Connect Cloud HR software that supports the self-service functions. Connect HRMS is an example of an advanced HR software that offers the Employee Self Service module. 


The Employee Self service module allows employees to increase their requests for basic services directly from the portal. As we have seen above, there are many tasks that employees can do on their own without the need to rely on HR and Connect Cloud HRMS provides you with all the more. The Employee Self Service Connect online HRMS module simplifies daily HR tasks and maximizes transition time. 

What’s more, it has also been instrumental in helping employees apply leaves and generate reports during the current remote work scenario. 

Want to know more about the Connect HRMS Employee self-service platform and other features of the HR software in Pakistan? Feel free to contact us at our WhatsApp 0300 1110365 Or email us at info@connecthrms.com our qualified staff will contact with you. 

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