What Features Should be in Best HR software in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad

February 17, 20220

Connect (HRMS) human resource management system software provides organizational and talent management services for high-performing organizations in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and other cities in Pakistan.

Core features of CONNECT HRMS that will benefits organizations in “WORK from HOME” strategy to meet changed expectations due to COVID-19.

Features of CONNECT HRMS

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  1. Human Capital Management
  2. Attendance Management
  3. Leave Management
  4. Shifts Management
  5. Employee Self-Service
  6. Cloud Based
  7. Payroll and Taxation
  8. Allowances and Deductions
  9. Expense Management
  10. Recruitment Management
  11. Digital Document Management
  12. Full and Final Settlement
  13. Talent Management
  14. Performance Appraisal
  15. Task Management
  16. Help Desk
  17. 360 Performance Review
  18. Audit and Compliance
  19. Visitor Management System
  20. Company Announcements
  21. Asset Management
  22. ERP Integrated
  23. Notifications & Alerts
  24. Reporting and Analytics


Human Capital Management

from Hire to growth to Retire manage the full Employee life-cycle through CONNECT Human Capital Management System.

Attendance Management

With Connect Online HR software manage your employee time & attendance, reduce compliance risks by automating rules and calculations.

Leave Management

Connect HRMS leave management solution can address leave management according to the needs of any organization.

Shifts Management

Shifts Management helps businesses to save time, save money, retain employees and focus on where on what truly creates value.

Shifts Management helps businesses save money, define employee shifts and focus on what really important for your business.

Employee Self-Service

In modern business environment, employers are constantly looking for ways to develop expertise and improve productivity.

Cloud Based

Mobile is the future, Connect HRMS is a comprehensive HR software cloud enabled solution.

Payroll and Taxation

Pay packages across your organization, Get accurate payroll at the end of every month.

Allowances and Deductions

Connect HRMS can resolve your grants and deduction collection on jiff.

Expense Management

Expense management is comprehensive feature of Connect HRMS software to calculate spending on business. These costs normally include employee travel, entertainment and etc.

Recruitment Management

HR recruitment module in Connect HR software offers an interactive way to post available vacancies of your company over the internet.

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Digital Document Management

Connect HRMS offers cloud storage option. An employee can deal with their documents on any device.

Full and Final Settlement

This comes in to the picture when an employee puts down his/her paper in order to resign from his/her respective job.

Talent Management

it is the systematic process of identifying the vacant position in organization. Connect HRMS Talent Management tool helps you to manage every stage of the talent lifecycle.

Performance Appraisal | Key performance indicators (KPI)

A performance appraisal or KPI (Key Performance Indicators) is a regular review of an employee’s performance at work and overall contribution in company success.

Task Management

Creating job tasks and assign them to employees in CONNECT HR software is easy, and after assigning tasks to employee then get notifications when they are done, that helps improve overall productivity.

Help Desk

Connect HRMS is a feature rich online HR software program, Help Desk automatic ticket generation method generate a unique I.D. when a user asks for any query.

360 Performance Review

Get bird eye view on Company performance through data enrich DASHBOARD.

Audit and Compliance

Advanced testing and evaluation software accurately assesses, measures and controls compliance with operational risk within the specified limits.

Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System or VMS is a feature-rich suite of components of Connect HRMS online HR software in Karachi, that facilitate the tracking and monitoring of individuals within a building.

Company Announcements

Connect HRMS alerts monitoring system classifies each alert based on severity and time.

Asset Management

Asset management software tool of CONNECT HRMS with integrated asset register, asset maintenance, barcoding and capex budgeting.

ERP Integrated

Connect HRMS can seamlessly integrate with Enterprise Resource Planning implementation.

Notifications & Alerts

With Connect HRMS Notifications & Alerts toll, keep in touch with your staff.

Reporting and Analytics

Data analytics in Connect HRMS software allows you to create attractive visually appealing reports based on data and intelligent dashboards in few clicks.

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