Why Connect HRMS?

January 22, 20200

Why Connect HRMS?

Connect HRMS brings the HRMS solution at the lowest cost for you. Connect HRMS solution manages all administrative procedures from a central location of your organization. You can automate HR processes, manage lists effectively, manage payroll efficiently, eliminate human errors, identify strengths and weaknesses of your employees, set goals, collect 360 ° performance and review performance.

Connect HRMS Benefits 

We believe in effective human investment management for your profitable business. HRMS has been developed according to the latest trends and requirements in the business industry. We change the process of your desired HR into reality. Our HRMS Solution provides you with a user-friendly dashboard request where employees can view their profile and search for employees. It provides you with a intelligent search option, dashboard with an immediate review, attitudes of manpower (leaves, new jobs, resignations, etc.) and reporting.

Connect HRMS Features

The software planning process of The Human Resources Management System of Connecticut makes it easier to flow, apply and leave (a). The Employee Self Service (ESS) feature improves the time of the leave applications and approval flow to your employees and department heads to manage themselves. The HRM application can manage, monitor and control the absence and attendance of employees. The purpose of the system is to allow the appointment of employees. If you don’t have a convenient, easy-to-use system to monitor employee attendance effectively, our HRMS software is the tool for you.

Staff records are kept more securely in our HRMS database. This system also helps reduce written costs such as papers, files and stationery. To create ease of use for its users, we have created separate interfaces for both managers and their team members. Through the solution of the Human Resources Management Program (HRMS), managers can create evaluation units dedicated to their departments while giving more accurate results regarding employee capabilities.


Feature Connect HRMS TimeTrax ZohoPeople BambooHR Asscent HRMS Soft Simple HR
Basic Profiling ✓   ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓
Leave Management  x  ✓  x  ✓  x  x
Attendance Management  ✓  ✓   ✓   ✓  ✓  x
Payroll  x  x  ✓  ✓  x  ✓
Employee Evaluation  ✓  ✓  x  x  ✓  x
Training and Development  ✓  x  x  x  ✓  ✓
Reporting  x  x  ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓


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