7 Features of Connect Cloud HRMS Attendance Management System That You Must Look for

July 5, 20220

Globally, Governments encourage SMEs to deliver digital, and the adoption of automated processes in the organization’s HR department has become increasingly important. Time and travel are often overlooked by businesses that focus exclusively on boosting external growth, leaving employees without development. An outdated system can be difficult to use and lacks the various features that the new system has. System instability can have a detrimental effect on the company’s future growth prospects and the current foundation. Real growth occurs in businesses led by management who think over time. While marketing is important, business owners should also realize that creating efficient systems that allow HR and other internal teams to operate effectively is equally important.


Here are 7 must-have features that empower your HR teams…

  1. Time In and Time Out
  2. Time Roster Scheduling
  3. All types of Leave Management
  4. Payroll Integration
  5. Compliance according to the Local/Company Law
  6. Exclusion of Missed IN\OUTs
  7. 360 Dynamic Reports based on KPIs


  1. Time In and Time Out

Let’s start with the most important aspect of having a timely presence system. The main purpose of the time and module of attendance is to allow employees to easily enter and exit and keep a record of their working hours. Options should include magnetic card readers, PINs, or biometric scanners that identify staff fingerprints.

  1. Time Roster Scheduling

Businesses now offer flexible working hours to their employees which allow them to start and end their days at different times. Some prefer to keep the work day more organized with a synced work schedule. The best time tracking software exceeds its basic functions to keep track of the time (or otherwise) of your employees. Software should allow you to create and manage multiple schedules and lists. Such performance should also be accompanied by features that inform you of any drinking or AWOL activity.

  1. All types of Leave Management

In addition to monitoring your employees’ presence, an appropriate commute management system should help manage absenteeism. Although absenteeism is unexpected due to illness, leaves, or last-minute – it should be easy for managers to quickly identify who is in, and who is not, and that everyone has the right to extra time and allowances.

  1. Payroll Integration

If you think your payroll system has already begun and is working for you, your time and presence module should be able to integrate you seamlessly into your payroll; can provide relevant information on the existence of a pay cycle that can be used to calculate payments and other benefits quickly and accurately. This, of course, can only be achieved with a combined solution.

Without a complete HRMS, there will be a chance that data will be lost between steps from time to time. For example, if the processing fee per person does not know that the work has been terminated, the wrong final payment may be considered. Such information should be readily available when an employee, manager, and supervisor are required to prevent any possible errors.

  1. Compliance according to the Local/Company Law

Labor laws and regulations may set a maximum number of hours of work in your country or region. From time to time the system management system must monitor breaks, use that data for reporting and compliance purposes, and provide automatic notifications if breach patterns do not meet legal requirements.

Workers have the right to leave; overtime pay and rest days by the company rules. Whether you have a team of employees who have the right to work overtime or other employees who have the right to rest, the Time and Attendance software program should be able to deal with such situations.

  1. Exclusion of Missed IN\OUTs

Older time in and out were employee errors. It was easy for the employee to return to lunch and start working, forgetting to stop on time to get into the fist. When the error occurred, it was probably at the end of the replacement. The supervisor will be required to verify the correct working hours of work. Modern personnel management systems are designed to alert managers and missed work using self-help sites and mobile alerts. This will delete any missed records.

  1. Dynamic Reports

The time management and presence software system must be able to provide accurate reports and statistics using system data. Expect your software to provide you with information on various reporting reports, provide details of working hours, change patterns, etc. to constantly improve efficiency.


Connect HRMS software provides complete solutions for presence and time management. With this software, HR teams can easily control and monitor production hours for staff and employees. With its powerful multi-sided reporting feature, HR managers can show employee KPIs to their managers in real-time. The payroll module works seamlessly with the existing management system, at the end of the working month calculating the correct working hours. The time and existence system of CONNECT HRMS is so cleverly designed that it eliminates false positives.


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