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May 5, 20210

HR Software in Pakistan

Connect HRMS Providing the best HR software in Pakistan. Connect HRMS provides all the functions need to meet the organizational requirements of an HR department, finance department, and management section. The system consists of Employee Profile Management, Attendance log, Payroll Handling, Leave Management, and Task Manager.


Features of HR software

Human Capital Management

From Hire To Retire

Manage the full Employee life-cycle from Hire to growth to Retire, using a single human capital management system.

Attendance Management

Manage Attendance
Anytime, Anywhere

Manage your entire workforce time & attendance with a truly mobile system, reduce compliance risks by automating rules and calculations, easily track and analyze your team’s times and policies.

Leave Management

Connect HRMS leave management solution on the cloud is configurable and can address the leave management needs of any organization. We offer a solution that streamlines and unravels your entire organization to prepare and enhance your workforce profitability.

Shifts Management

Connect HRMS Shift Management module is an online always available employee scheduling module, it helps businesses to save time, save money, retain employees and focus on where what truly creates value.

Employee Self-Service

Empower your employees to take ownership of their time and leave

Connect HRMS gives Employee Self-Service (ESS) module which is a web-based resource where employees can see their personal payroll, advantages, and leave data. In ESS, employees additionally can overhaul or change personal data such as direct deposits and place of residence. Employee Self Service (ESS) offers a solitary, secure hotspot for people to deal with their personal data.

Payroll Software in Pakistan

Connect HRMS Providing the best payroll software in Pakistan along with the best HR software in Pakistan. Define Pay packages across your organization, Get accurate, compliant payroll in just a few clicks. Connect HRMS empowers your team to access and review continuously throughout the pay cycle instead of waiting until the pay period closes. This provides the employee more insight which minimizes time and errors.

payroll software in pakistan


Cloud Security

Data Security is the biggest concern for businesses these days. Instances like data phishing and system outage can adversely affect a business. This is where our HR software comes to the rescue by keeping offline copies of your data along with regular cloud backups. Employee and payroll data also can be exported in pdf and excel format.

Multiple Pay Cycles

Easily combine or split multiple payment plans to create global compensation packages. Apply grade and employee profiles to the packages, such as job level within a specific geography or company, to provide comprehensive package options.
Plan your Pay Cycles on predefine periods like Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, monthly or any customize period.

Payroll for every business

Connect HRMS is a fully scalable HR and payroll software Covering almost all types of industries and businesses. payroll software lets you run payroll as you go. Our cloud-based payroll management system is capable of being configured according to business needs.



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