10 Reasons to Make Leave Management System a Priority

November 17, 20210

Managing employee leaves without a leave management system is a tricky challenge. Even small errors can cause disasters like resource crunch, payroll processing errors, and legal complications. When you’re trying mangling leave system only with conventional tools like paper forms, emails, and excel sheets, your chances of accuracy are pretty low.

Despite the huge impact on productivity and employee involvement, small bossiness are not ready to revive their complex manual process of handling leave applications. At several Small business, employees still run behind their supervisors with leave forms to get a signature. Although, managers roam the excel sheets to find available leave balances.

You can neither gather insight nor pinpoint problems from this cluttered mess without manual sorting. Even then, the accuracy is questionable. To stay clear of the administrative arsenic, legal landmines, and payroll pitfalls you need a robust leave management system. Before you start exploring the software marketplace for an ideal leave management software, you’ll need to understand the ins and outs of the leave management process.

Commonly-used Google forms lack the efficiency to handle some prominent leave management problems. All these incapable tools lack the productivity and efficiency of your employees.

Importance of leave management! | how leave management can increase productivity?

The responsibility of falls onto the shoulders of supervisors, HR staff, and workforce management staff for handling employee leave requests. While some employers want to keep employees at work all the time, they need their well-rested resting-place to get some rest and recovery. An overworked employee is not productive. Leave management is the process of managing work time applications efficiently, accurately, and efficiently.

Features of a Leave Management System

A Leave Management System automates the leave request process, making it hassle-free for both the management and the employees. The solution of your choice should be robust enough to seamlessly handle all the stages involved in a leave management process: application, approval/rejection, filing leaves, managing leave balance, and analysis.

The Connect Leave Management System in Pakistan automatically simplifies the leave application process, making it easier for both managers and employees. The Leave solution is strong enough to easily handle all the stages involved in the leave management process: application, approval / rejection, filing of leaves, managing leave balance, and reporting.

Connect leave management system will have the following functionalities:
  1. Powerful Dashboard
  2. 2.Mobile Leaves
  3. Customized Fields Accordingly (Leave Type, Holiday List, etc.)
  4. Cloud-Enabled
  5. Leave policies
  6. Automated Leave Handling
  7. Holidays
  8. Approval Workflow
  9. Integration with other HR Modules
  10. 360 Reporting
  1. Powerful Dashboard

HR Managers and employees can check leave balance and check the working days of their co-workers while applying for leave. Managers and HR staff should be able to access employee leave balances, holiday lists, departmental plans, and staff provision to better evaluate leave applications.

  1. Mobile Leaves

Employees can apply for leave from any internet connected hand held device from anywhere. This feature of Connect leave management system in Pakistan give employees ease of mind, so they can stay focused and productive.

  1. Configurable Fields (Leave Type, Policy, Holiday List)

Policies and procedures vary from organization to organization. A strict ‘one size fits all’ leave management system may not meet your needs. Leave management system in Lahore of Connect HR allows your employees to customize the fields to fit your organization’s rules.

  1. Cloud-Based

Connect HRMS leave management system will not only provide multiple channels, access while on the go, but also eliminate problems such as software installation and updates. Your employees can apply, approve, or reject leave applications anywhere at any time

  1. Leave policies

Connect leave management system can customized according to your department wise rules or organizations’ policies. The leave management system is so powerful that can auto Calculate leave balances based on period, gender, grade, department or employee.

  1. Automated Leave Handling

If a leave management software does not help if your HR staff have to calculate and update your employees’ leave balance in person than the system is useless. Connect HR leave management system module in Lahore can track the leave history of all employees and show it to both employees and their managers.

  1. Holidays

With Connect Leave management system you can set predefined holiday calendar according to local holydays or any other types predefined holidays. For example: rest Days, Gazette Holidays, official duty and other type of leaves.

Choose right Plan for you

  1. Customizable Approval Workflow

Connect HRMS leave management software system empower you to create a custom flow of work and set up an intelligent department-wise hierarchy to ensure a systematic process. Once an employee has selected his or her own department, the pre-defined work flow should automatically fill.

  1. Integration with other HR Modules

Connect Leave management system in Karachi is a feature rich tool of Connect HR software that offers seamless integration with other Connect HR Management modules. you will save time, eliminate errors, and enable various reporting.

  1. 360 Reporting

Connect Leave management software system in Islamabad include a built-in reporting module that generates interactive reports based on received data. With wise reports on employees and the company as a whole, organizations can easily analyze patterns and obtain useful information.

Benefits of Using Connect Leave Management System

Connect leave management system is an all-in-one platform that handles all employee requests related to leave while ensuring smooth functioning of other operations. Here’s what Connect leave management software does for you:

  • Eliminates manual work
  • Removes manual paper interventions
  • Better communication
  • Offers real-time visibility of data in Dashboards
  • Accurate legal compliance
  • Reflects your organizations polices
  • Ensure accurate entitlements and eligibility.
  • Provide a user-friendly way to request and approve leave.
  • Define your own Leave types, Unlimited Type of Leaves as per your organization policy
  • Rest Days, Gazette Holidays, official duty and other type not type of leaves.
The Solution to Your Leave Management Problems: Connect HR Cloud

It’s time to find a leave management system that lets you hover over the minefield instead of tripping through it. Take charge of your leave management process and automate it, save management time, reduce payroll errors, remove manual dependencies, eliminate paperwork, and adopt a straightforward approach to handle leave requests. Connect Cloud HR system in Pakistan can solve all the problems associated with leave management and make it hassle-free.

Connect Cloud HR software’s customized leave management system in Pakistan reduces the time and effort your HR staff spend writing, incorporates leave and vacation information to be easily accessible, reduces any potential for harassment during breaks, and improves productivity for the entire organization. Connect Cloud HR system in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Rawalpindi reduce the overall effort and time you devote to leave management.

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