Top 14 Main Features of Attendance Management System

September 22, 20210

In this modern era where every company owner or relevant department manager is trying to implement software solutions for getting top notch results, must be familiar with the “Attendance Management System”. “Attendance Management System” has become very crucial tool these days for company’s reputation and profits. If by any chance you are not familiar with the term “Attendance Management Software”, here is a brief about attendance management software: An attendance management system software help in track employee working hours, ensure there are no policy or regulatory violations. It also simplifies payroll system. Here we look at top key attendance management system software features, including: Must-haves: employee clock in/out, leave management, payroll, reporting and time tracking. Good-to-haves: biometrics, NFC card based, missed alerts, calendars, leave tracking, KPI’s and employee data management system

Differentiators: cloud and mobile support, self-service enabled, and analytics

When building an environment based on digitally enabled, a seamless platform for attendance management becomes essential. Not only is it responsible for maintaining visibility on employee working hours, but attendance management systems can impose compliance. Around the world, different countries and regions follow varying regulatory mandates around working hours, compensation, and time. A software-based attendance management system keeps track of details about resources, and this make the audit process much easier. The right features that should be on your checklist when you lookout for attendance management software system in Pakistan? Let’s take a look. What is an Attendance Management System software? Any solutions based on computer software that empower HR managers to track employee’s time spent on any project or in office is called attendance management software. This process can be done manually like on paper registers, time clock or any other way. But when it comes to large companies with distributed workforces, they need the tools to record attendance that keep pace with company requirement. This has given importance to dedicated software for employee’s tracking, ranging from cloud based to on-premise software with automated schedule and advanced analytics and reporting. A cloud-based attendance management software enables rich control over time management hours, offer benefits of flexibility, minimize cost and access ease across platforms and devices, and several other features make attendance man agent system essential for organizations.

Top key Benefits of an Attendance Management System
  • Authentic Attendance
  • Productivity Enhanced
  • Reduction in Cost
  • Law Compliance
  • Time Clock
  • Leave Management System
  • Integrated Payroll
  • Seamless Communication
  • Live Notifications
  • Connect attendance Self-Service
  • Integration
  • Attendance through Biometrics
  • Analytics
  • Requests by Employees
  • Authentic Attendance

The traditional attendance was recorded by hand which led to many errors and issues. For example, employees often forget to log in or deliberately misuse the system by increasing their exit time. Above issues can be eliminated by automated attendance management software system only, these systems known for their reliability and targeted attendance records. They collect and log in data and update employee attendance records in real-time reducing the chances of the employees interfere with the systems. They even notify the companies if the employees’ clock-in in early and punch out late or vice versa.

  1. Authentic Attendance

Attendance & Punctuality – St Michael's Catholic Primary School Through attendance management system, collect time in and time out data and update employee record real time, by doing so, it reduces the chances of the employees interfere systems. The attendance system even notifies timely employer if the employees’ clock-in in early or punch early or vice versa.

  1. Productivity Enhanced

10 Ways to Improve Team Efficiency And Productivity | HR Cloud The track record of staffing can be difficult when it comes to pay. Can you imagine the time that you would spend doing that? Manual tracking has higher chance errors, and wrong calculations in payroll. With an attendance management software, you can save time and the chances of errors. You can use the time you drastically saved by working towards the goals of your company to enhance its productivity.

  1. Reduction in Cost

Cost Reduction Strategies - ReadyToManage The attendance management system that based on manual efforts always can lead to inaccurate tracking and that cause towards errors in payrolls in salary making process. Well-designed smart attendance management systems can eliminate all these type of errors by reducing in tardiness and absenteeism, which resulting in saving a lot of money that might have waste due to payroll errors. Also, attendance management software reduced human errors and efforts in any organization significantly.

  1. Law Compliance

4 Reason You Should Hire A Law Firm To Oversee Corporate Governance & Legal Compliance For Your Business Did you know keeping inaccurate data results in the company exposes it to litigations and fines? Inaccurate data results can company exposes to fines or litigations, thus manual tracking can cause you a lot of trouble. A cloud-based attendance management system will ensure that data record in correct manner according to company law or country labor law, and regulate that laws effectively.

  1. Time Clock

The most important aspect of the management system is the time-in and time-out feature. Your employee should be able to go in, schedule breaks, and leave at the end of the day. it can be accomplish either through a biometric device or through mobile applications on their mobile phones.

  1. Leave Management System

The most key important feature of attendance management feature is leave management system, as a missed day should not be automatically marked as “absent”, instead, employees can take half-day and mark his attendance accordingly or can apply for full day leave.

  1. Integrated Payroll

If you have Payroll Integration within the Attendance Tracking System used by your company, compensation is calculated according to the system recording time, syncing any leaves or half days and simplifying the personnel management process. A variety of Attendance Tracking System will not only calculate your daily payments but will also support hourly compensation and flexible payments.

  1. Seamless Communication

Any attendance management software should be able to communicate with access control devices on a regular basis, without manual intervention. Devices can be set up in various parts of the world and your system must be properly installed to communicate with it.

  1. Live Notifications

Every organization should have a program in place that gives them updates and notifications about important events. The cloud-based attendance management system has the option to notify its users of important updates like warnings and etc. The attendance management system sends a notification to supervisors and notify them when an employee has clocked in later than the given hour, the system sends a notification to the immediate superior, notifying them of the same. Live alerts inform about these anomalies to the hierarchy, requesting to them about immediate action.

  1. Connect attendance Self-Service

Attendance management system of CONNECT HRMS is stand out to its competitors due to self-service feature, the feature you definitely look for. This feature is absolutely is game changer as your employees no longer have to physically come to office for clock in, they can log in or mark their attendance using app or web-based attendance management software. Requests for leaves, corrections in monthly attendance or any sort of self-based compliance can be performed.

  1. Integration

The attendance management system of CONNECT HRMS can be synchronized with digital calendars such as google calendar, Outlook, and others. This will help everyone in your team to know when you are available or not. They are especially useful for remote groups where you can view people while simply looking at a shared calendar.

  1. Attendance through Biometrics

Any organization who have larger workforce and they have specific shifts for check-in and check-out time then attendance through biometric on biometric machines, is must have feature. This feature is offered in CONNECT attendance management system. This eliminates the risk of fraud or errors that occurs in manual attendance systems by using fingerprints particular employee.

  1. Analytics

Connect Attendance management system is powered by advanced statistics techniques and tools that give a seamless look to your staff’s attendance patterns, giving you a clear picture of those who put in extra hours or work overtime. Such practice can help you differentiate between productive and non-productive workers with appropriate reports of their presence.

  1. Requests by Employees

Special requests for presence are made by employees from time to time to correct their presence in cases where they have forgotten to punch or leave on time, or are field workers. When acquisition is approved by the manager, presence is automatically renewed in the system. Connect attendance management systems is best attendance management software cloud-based system that can transform the way you manage your resources. Connect attendance management system is right platforms for attendance management system software in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Gujranwala and Karachi that have top functions that are essential to employees’ daily tasks. Connect HRMS systems can prevent errors that could lead to compliance problems and month-end headaches. Visit Us

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