What are the Benefits of Time and Attendance Management? Why SME Need it?

March 1, 20220

Any company or organization cannot grow without employees, who gives their best at work. Organizations deployed a time and attendance management system to make sure employees maximize their prospective. Through time and attendance management system, it is an accurate method to monitor employees’ attendance and performance. In this blog, we will guide you about how time and attendance management system can benefit your organization.

What Is Time and Attendance Management System?

Time and Attendance management is the process of tracking an employee’s work hours and attendance. It is any system that you use to record the time an employee clocks in and out at starting and finishing of his workday. You can manage attendance by

  • Note work hours on paper manually,
  • Mark attendance and record time on spreadsheets,
  • Time cards, or
  • Using time and attendance software

Importance of Managing Time and Attendance.

Organization or Companies are required to implement a system to manage the presence of their employees to get out of most their human resource. There are rules for keeping track of time, but companies are free to choose whatever they want. For example, you can use the time and attendance management software in Pakistan to ensure accuracy when calculating the number of paid hours. This option is ideal, especially if you pay your employees an hour. Regardless of the method you choose, however, you should be able to calculate the salaries of your employees. In addition, you need to know if you need them when they go into overtime. Managing human resource is always helpful if you have a well-paying staff. It will let you see how often these people work and how much. You can let them record the time they work even when they are actually away from your business. This way, even if you don’t see them, you know how long they have worked for you.

Being punctual is also an important factor in increasing employee productivity. Therefore, if you want to know if your employees arrive on time, you should have an attendance management system in place. This will help you to realize that an employee often leaves work early or arrives late. Apart from that, the presence of monitoring will also allow you to track the number of leave days spent by an employee. If your company has sick or holiday policies, having this plan can be helpful.

The Challenges of Time and Attendance Management

Normally, on the day of a pay cut, HR employees should collect, compile, compile, and verify employee presence information. Data collected throughout the month can be ridiculous. Therefore, there is always the possibility of human error along the way. Improper work management system may result in recording hours of malpractice. When this happens, employees will not naturally be dissatisfied. Here are some of the key challenges companies can face with travel managers Manual Time and Attendance registers are time consuming and maintaining registers manually or punch cards, and calculating the total number of working hours, including overtime, can be time consuming and waste of resources.

Spreadsheets can Have errors too if you use Excel sheets to capture attendees, there is always a risk of encountering human errors. Additionally, saving and updating monthly spreadsheets or shifts can take a lot of effort and time.

A chaotic process with multiple travel plans for companies with fewer locations and HR backgrounds, using different presence systems can be confusing. If one branch uses biometrics and another Excel sheet, salary processing can be painful every month. The situation may require a lot of testing and recounting to ensure the accuracy of the presence. To meet all the Challenges stated above can be overcome with the Connect Cloud HRMS, the top best #1 HRMS software in Pakistan.

Various Type of Time and Attendance Management Systems

Here are the methods you can set up a time and attendance management system to manage employees:

Time in & out clock

You also have the option of installing a clock-in-clock-out device in your workplace. Your employees will be punctual whenever they arrive at or leave the office. However, note that you need to invest in setting and maintaining a timeline.


Another option would be to save time-saving spreadsheet. Employees will file their working hours on file. At the end of the payment deadline, HR staff will use formulas to calculate salaries. Keep in mind that this option may also have human errors.

Paper Sheet

You can print a time sheet template on paper or use a simple notebook. Your employees will record the dates and hours they worked. Although using paper will not require you to set anything, there is still a downside. For example, employees may write incorrect hours or the paper may be lost or damaged.

Time and Attendance Tracker

Connect Cloud HRMS–  #1 Top HR software in Pakistan.

Connect Cloud HR system is an online time and attendance management system that makes everything easier and simpler. For example, if you use Connect HRMS in Pakistan, the tool will automatically enter working hours. All your employees need to do is install a simple application on their computers. As a manager or HR expert, you can go to the dashboard and create timetable reports for individuals and groups.


It is noteworthy that Connect Online HR software is more than just a time and attendance management system. You can also use this tool to monitor and measure the productivity of your employees, this way, you will be able to identify common time wasters and ensure efficiency.


What Makes Connect Online HRMS an Excellent Time and Attendance Management System?

Over the time, technology has come a long way, making our lives much easier. When it comes to marking staff presence, various tools are easily accessible. These days, you will find many cloud-based applications and local software that uses advanced functionality and schedule statistics. Here are some of the key features of Connect HR management system:

Clock-In and Clock-Out

Timesheet Reports  Leave Management
Manual Edits  Advanced Analytics 

Payroll Calculation

And Integrated HRMS tools to empower HR Team


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